Upcoming Events

  • URA YAKCHOE, Ura Lhakhang, Bumthang, 30th April-4th May
  • NIMALUNG TSHECHU, Nimalung Dratshang,chummy, Bumthang, 24th-26th June
  • KURJEY TSHECHU, Kurjey Lhakhang,Choekhor,Bumthang, 6th June
  • TOUR OF THE DRAGON (BICYCLE RACE), Bumthang to Thimphu, 5th September
  • THIMPHU DRUBCHEN, Tashi choedzong,Thimphu, 18th -22nd September
  • WANGDUE TSHECHU, Tencholing Army Ground, Wangduephodrang, 21st -23rd September
  • TAMSHING PHALA CHHOEPA, Tamshing Lhakhang, Chhoekhor, Bumthang, 22nd -24th September
  • THIMPHU TSHECHU, Tashi chhodzong,Thimphu, 23rd -25th September
  • PEMAGATSHEL TSHECHU, Pemagatshel Dzong,Pemagatshel, 20th – 23rd October
  • CHHUKHA TSHECHU, Chhukha Dzong,Chhukha, 21st -23rd October
  • THANGBI MANI, Thangbi Lhakhang,Choekor,Bumthang, 27th – 29th October
  • JAMBAY LHAKHANG DRUP, Jambay Lhakhang,Chorkhor,Bumthang, 27th -31st October
  • PRAKHAR DUCHHOED, Prakar Lhakhang,Chummi,Bumthang, 28th -30th October
  • BLACK NECKED CRANE FESTIVAL, Gangtey Gonpa,Phobjikha,Wangduephodrang, 11th November
  • MONGER TSHECHU, Monger Dzong,Monger, 18th -21st November
  • TRASHIGANG TSHECHU, Trashigang Dzong,Trashigang, 19th -22nd November
  • NALAKHAR TSHECHU, Ngaa Lhakhang,choekhor,Bumthang, 25th -27th November
  • DRUK WANGYEL TSHECHU, Dochula,Thimphu, 13th December
  • TRONGSA TSHECHU, Trongsa Dzong,Trongsa, 20th -22nd December
  • LHUENTSE TSHECHU, Lhuentse Dzong,Lhuentse, 20th -22nd December

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About Us

Bhutan Red Chilies Tours & Travels offers Solo Travellers, Escorted Group Tours, Tailor-made Tours of BHUTAN. Also a platform for Travellers to share travel experiences and plan future journeys with like-minded Travellers.

Safety: All our tours and hotels are chosen keeping in mind your safety and comfort. We make a 24-hour emergency number available to you and keep contact with the group on day-to-day basis. We are never far away from you.

Personal Freedom: Our group size is no more than 3 – 15 as we believe there is a great deal more personal freedom in a small group.

Space for Personal Interests: We strive for a balance between planned activities and free time so you can experience the destination in a way that fits your personal interests.

Comprehensive Travel Information: You will be given comprehensive travel documents before a trip, including details of other travelers on the tour.

Expert Tour Leaders: We make available knowledgeable and experienced tour leaders.

Bhutan red chillies tours & travel range of Tours include:

Solo Travel:

Traveling solo means traveling on your own terms and as per your tastes. No compromises! Choose places that interest YOU and choose experiences that interest YOU. The beauty of solo travel is also time to be with YOU. Time to be alone, time to reflect, time to test yourself, time to pamper yourself.

Our Solo trips are well-researched and meticulously organised keeping your comfort and safety in mind. We have a list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ which we hand over to you on your arrival in Bhutan. we are never too far away from you.

Let us design your trip by writing in to us about your interests. Alternatively, you may choose any of our fixed departure itineraries and travel solo as per dates of your preference.

Escorted Group Tours:

Our escorted fixed departure group tours are for those who like to travel in the company of like-minded Travellers. Our group size is no more than 3 – 15 as we believe there is a great deal more personal freedom in a small group. And our groups are led by knowledgeable and experienced tour leaders.

You may choose a fixed-departure tour from our Short Duration Tours, Long Duration Tours and Customize Tours.

Tailor-made Tours:

If you wish to travel with your friends as per your specific interests and dates of travel, we can arrange that too.

For Special Interest, we have special interest tours ranging from architecture, culture, religion, arts & crafts, textiles, paintings, cuisine, homesaty etc. Do write in to us for tailor-made tours to Bhutan for your special interests.

Our experience Guide has extensively traveled and command excellent first hand ground knowledge of the destination. We feel that though there are a number of websites offering tour packages to Bhutan, most of them are not experts to advice on various tour options, the destinations, most suitable hotels and what to expect there…and this is where the difference lies!

Just let us know the number of people traveling, kind of places you like to see and your special interests, month of travel, budget / medium / deluxe hotels (if possible), and any other specific requirements.

Homestay Tours :

Homestay is a unique opportunity for all kinds of travelers to gain firsthand experience of a place. You get a first and experience of the place, culture, traditions and people. It is unlike staying in a hotel and truly a home away from home.

In home-stay, one gets to interact with the host family as one is staying in their house. It is far more economical and exciting than staying in hotels.

Self-indulgence is not life threatening; in fact the lack of it in our lives probably is!

Bhutan has a wide variety of Tours and Travel destinations.When you will arrive in Bhutan you will fall in love with rich culture, vast land of green land Bhutan is a country that can’t be explained, it must be experienced.

It is impossible not to be astonished by Bhutan. Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in creative burst of cultures and religions. Every aspect of the country presents itself on a massive, exaggerated scale, worthy in comparison only to the superlative mountains that overshadow it.

Contact us for your customized solo or small group plan to BHUTAN: